Alcott Hotel and Apartments, Denver Colorado - 18 Story (10 Floors Load Bearing Walls)

Modera Waugh Apartments, Houston Texas - 17 Story (9 Floors Load Bearing Walls) 

Morgan Pearl Rosemont Apartments, San Antonio Texas - 13 Story (8 Floors Load Bearing Walls)

Hines Wynkoop Apartments, Denver Colorado - 11 Story (7 Floors Load Bearing Walls)

Aloft Hotel, Austin Texas

​Uptown East and West Apartments, Denver Colorado, 7 Story (5 Story Load Bearing Walls)

Kennedy Self Storage, San Juan, Puerto Rico - 150,000 sqft, 4-story

Texas State University Housing West Campus, San Marcos Texas - 220,000 sqft, 6-story

Texas State University Housing East Campus, San Marcos Texas - 190,000 sqft, 6-story

Florence County Museum, Florence South Carolina - 30,000 sqft, 1-story

Gables Bering Apartments, Houston Texas - 165,000 sqft, 6-story


​​CSHC Church, Atlanta, GA - 4,500 sqft, 1-story
Legacy at Falcon Point, Katy TX - 60,000 sqft, 2-story
Legacy at Highwoods Preserve, Tampa FL - 60,000 sqft, 2-story
Legacy at Crystal Point, Leander TX - 35,000 sqft, 1-story
Windermere ALF, Cummings GA - 175,000 sqft, 5-story
St. Andrews Methodist Church Addition, Irmo South Carolina - 50,000 sqft, 2-story

Collins Consultants, Inc. is a small business with talented engineers, which allows us to provide the personalized service that your project deserves. Focused on the most cutting-edge design technologies, engineers at Collins Consultants, Inc. currently have 4 issued patents on innovative design components to facilitate structural design more efficiently.  We specialize in load-bearing light gauge buildings as well as curtain wall design.

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